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Eagle Eye-10IE-DJI 10X EO/IR Drone Zoom Camera For Matrice 200 And Matrice 210

Eagle Eye-10IE-DJI 10X EO/IR Drone Zoom Camera For Matrice 200 And Matrice 210

$12,999.00 $12,209.00
(You save $790.00)
Eagle Eye-10IE-DJI
5.00 KGS


Eagle Eye-10IE-DJI is a 3-axis high stabilized gimbal with 10X visual zoom camera and thermal camera. Developed based on DJI PSDK, the 10X EO/IR gimbal is fully compatible with Matrice 200/210 series aircraft. The 10X zoom camera provides 1080P 60FPS full HD video streaming, which will enable you to capture every detail in the air. Moreover, the thermal camera allows you to detect targets in the night or low visibility conditions and provides you with priceless information when you are carrying out missions like inspecting or monitoring objects. High-performance 3-axis gimbal is developed based on FOC(field-oriented control) technology, which will give you crystal clear video footage.

Compact and lightweight
Eagle Eye-10IE-DJI weighs as little as 469 grams.

Fully compatible with DJI Matrice 200/210 series drone
You can control all gimbal and camera functions through the original DJI radio controller and DJI Pilot App, like Yaw/Pitch, zoom, record/photo, palette control, tracking, etc.

Plug and play
The 10X EO+IR gimbal is connecting with the DJI aircraft through Skyport interface, easy to install.

Auto object tracking
Eagle Eye-10IE-DJI comes with object tracking function, which will enable the pilot to track static or moving target smoothly, keeping it in the center of the frame. How to use it: activate the tracking feature on the App, click the target on the screen, then the gimbal will track it automatically.


10X zoom camera
Sensor 1/3 inch 4.08MP CMOS SENSOR
Video output 1080P/60
Video recorded 1080P/30 MP4
Focal length 10X optical focal zoom, 3.2~33.6mm
Digital zoom None
Auto focus Less than 1S
Low illumination [email protected](color)
FOV H: WIDE 62º  TELE 6.5º
S/N ratio More than 52dB
Backlight compensation Yes
Thermal camera
Working system Un-cooled long wave (8μm14μm)
Detector pixels 640×480
Pixel size 17μm
Lens 19mm
Focusing Athermalizing
Emissivity correction Emissivity 0.01~1 adjustable
NETD ≤50mK(@25℃)
MRTD ≤650mK(@Characteristic frequency
Image enhancement Automatically adjusts image brightness and contrast
Color palette White hot, black hot, pseudo color
Automatic non-uniformity Yes(with or without shutter)
Digital zoom 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x
Time synchronization function Yes
Gimbal system
Interface Skyport
Input voltage 3S-4S
Rotate range Pitch: ±90° Roll: ±85° Yaw: unlimited
Angle amount of jitter Pitch and roll: ±0.01° Yaw: ±0.01°
Control method DJI Pilot App
Working Current Static current: 450mA(@12V)
Dynamic current: 550mA(@12V)
Working temperature -20℃ ~ +60℃





Your Purchase Includes

1 x Eagle Eye-10IE-DJI 10X zoom camera and thermal camera
1 x Eagle Eye-10IE-DJI 3-axis high stabilized gimbal system

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