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Sky Eye-30UZ 20MP 30X Zoom Camera For Drone Inspection

Sky Eye-30UZ 20MP 30X Zoom Camera For Drone Inspection

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Sky Eye-30UZ
2.00 KGS

Please notice:production of this camera has been ceased.


Sky Eye-30UZ consists of 20MP 30X optical zoom camera and a 3-axis high stabilized gimbal which will allow you to capture details when you are far away from the object.Equipped with the 1/2.3 inch 20MP SONY Bionz X sensor,Sky Eye-30UZ is able to take high definition photos,max still image resolution can reach up to 5184x3888 which will enable you to get all details you need for the inspeciotn work,so it will be very helpful for you to carry out different industrial applications,especially equipment and infrastructure inspection work where you need high definition photos.
Click Here to check cell tower and power line inspection HD photos.

Sky Eye-30UZ is a very powerful integrated aerial zoom camera on the market with 30X optical and 4X digital zoom for a total magnification up to 120X.No matter you are inspecting cell tower or wind turbines,the zoom camera enable to you get a detailed look at the modules,wires and components to detect damage.

Sky Eye-30UZ has two video output ports,HDMI(1920*1080*30fps) and analog,which makes it possible to use traditional analog 5.8G video downlink or HD video downlink.The photo/video/playback functions can be chosen by a 3-gear switch on your radio.


1)370grams,light weight
2)1/2.3 inch 20MP SONY Bionz X SENSOR
3)30X optical zoom,4X digital zoom
4)Max still image resolution:5184x3888
5)CVBS and 1080P/30 HDMI output for video downlink
6)1080P/60 video recorded for on-board TF card
7)PWM control
8)3-axis high stabilized gimbal system




Your Purchase Includes

1 x Sky Eye-30UZ 3-axis high stabilized gimbal

1 x Sky Eye-30UZ 20MP 30X zoom camera

Download Sky Eye-30UZ Datasheet