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Eagle Eye-30IE-360 30X EO/IR Dual Sensor Drone Zoom Camera With 360 Degree Rotation

Eagle Eye-30IE-360 30X EO/IR Dual Sensor Drone Zoom Camera With 360 Degree Rotation

$19,999.00 $15,249.00
(You save $4,750.00)
Eagle Eye-30IE-360
1.20 KGS


Eagle Eye-30IE-360 is the new version of Eagle Eye-30IE, there are 2 features for this new 30X EO/IR zoom camera: the first one is its 360 degree rotation, that means the gimbal has unlimited Yaw angle, which is very useful in missions like security and surveillance. Imagine you are tracking a fast moving target, the tracking will possibly be lost if the gimbal reaches its Yaw angle limit. With the 360 rotation gimbal, this problem will no longer exist. The second feature for Eagle Eye-30IE-360 is that it is equipped with an Ethernet video out. In this case, IP video downlink can be used for video transmission. Anyway, if it happens that an HDMI video downlink is needed, then no problem, you can use an IP over HDMI converter board.

There will be 2 modes for video out and video recored.
Mode 1: 1080P/30fps video out, and 720P/30fps video recorded.
Mode 2: 720P/30fps video out, and 1080P/30fps video recorded.


30X zoom camera(SONY FCB EV-7520)
Sensor 1/2.8 inch 2.13MP CMOS SENSOR
Video output 1080P/720P 30fps Ethernet
Video recorded 1080P/720P 30fps H.264 or MP4
Focal length 30X optical focal zoom, 4.3-129mm
Digital zoom 12X(360X with optical zoom)
FOV 1080p mode: 63.7°(wide end) ~ 2.3°(tele end)
720p mode: 63.7°(wide end) ~ 2.3°(tele end)
SD: 47.8°(wide end) ~ 1.7°(tele end)
Wide Dynamic Up to 105dB
Auto focus Less than 1S
Low illumination [email protected]
Aperture Φ 16.0
Vertical Roll / Horizon Mirror/Static Support
AWB/AGC/ACC/ Support
Thermal camera
Lens 25mm
Working system Un-cooled long wave (8μm14μm)
Detector pixels 640×480
Pixel size 17μm
Focusing Athermalizing
FOV Horizontal: 24.6°
Vertical: 18.5°
Diagonal: 30.4°
Detective Distance (Man: 1.8x0.5m) 735 meters
Recognize Distance (Man: 1.8x0.5m) 184 meters
Verified Distance (Man: 1.8x0.5m) 92 meters
Detective Distance (Car: 4.2x1.8m) 2255 meters
Recognize Distance (Car: 4.2x1.8m) 564 meters
Verified Distance (Car: 4.2x1.8m) 282 meters
Emissivity correction Emissivity 0.01~1 adjustable
NETD ≤50mK(@25℃)
MRTD ≤650mK(@Characteristic frequency
Image enhancement Automatically adjusts image brightness and contrast
Color palette White hot, pseudo color
Automatic non-uniformity Yes(with or without shutter)
Digital zoom 1x, 2x, 3x, and 4x
Time synchronization function Yes
Gimbal system
Input voltage 3S-4S
Rotate range Pitch: ±90° Roll: ±45° Yaw: Unlimited
Angle amount of jitter Pitch and roll: ±0.02° Yaw:±0.03°
Control interface PWM, S.Bus, serial command and software control via Ethernet
Working Current Static current: 330mA(@12V)
Dynamic current: 450mA(@12V)
Mechanical feature
Total weight (gimbal and camera) 1200g
Working temperature -25° ~ +60°


Download Eagle Eye-30IE-360 Datasheet



Wiring Hub Drawing


Your Purchase Includes

1 x Eagle Eye-30IE 30X zoom camera and thermal camera

1 x Eagle Eye-30IE 3-axis high stabilized gimbal system

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