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YANGDA Mapird VTOL Fixed-wing For Mapping And Surveillance

YANGDA Mapird VTOL Fixed-wing For Mapping And Surveillance

$3,299.00 $3,099.00
(You save $200.00)
40.00 KGS


YANGDA Mapird is a professional VTOL(vertical take-off and landing) fixed-wing drone for mapping, aerial survey, and inspection mission. It comes with two tilting motors and two lift motors, which will allow the mapping drone to ascend like a helicopter. For the airplane survey mission, the front two tilting rotors will transition to forward mode and make the drone fly like a fixed-wing plane.

Rugged airframe
We reinforce the two wings of Mapird VTOL drone using 3K carbon fiber. Therefore, the frame structure is greatly strengthened.

Fast deploy
Due to its modular airframe design, Mapird mapping VTOL can be set up in less than 5 minutes by a single man.

Long endurance
Equipped with one 200 grams mapping camera, one unit 6S 22000mAh battery, the Mapird survey drone can fly up to 1.5 hours and complete an 8 square kilometer area mapping job in a single flight.

Long-range telemetry
Mapird mapping VTOL is equipped with a long-range telemetry, which can reach up to 10KM.

Versatile airborne platform
Thanks to its excellent stability and powerful payload-lift capability, Mapird VTOL can be used in mapping, search, rescue, and surveillance applications. For mapping application, the VTOL supports these camera: YANGDA MapCam-I, SONY RX1R-II/A7R/A6000/A5100 camera and oblique camera. As to surveillance, it supports these cameras: 10x camera, 18x camera, 25x camera, and 30x camera.

No piloting skills needed
Mapird can conduct fully autonomous mapping and survey missions without human interaction.





MTOW 8.5kg
Weight w/o battery and payload 4.5kg
Wingspan 2,100 mm
Length 1,200 mm
Height 165 mm
Max payload(battery included) 4kg (with Tattu 6S 22000mAh Lipo)
Battery supported 6S 16000/22000/25000mAh Lipo battery
Endurance(8.5kg take-off weight) 1.5 hours
Operating Altitude(Max.) 3,500 m
Anti-wind capability 38km/h
Cruise speed 72km/h
Max speed 90km/h
Stall speed 39.6km/h


Your Purchase Includes

RTF Combo (RC with 10KM range control and telemetry)

1 x YANGDA Mapird airframe
2 x Tilting motor
2 x Tilting motor ESC
2 x Tilting motor propeller
2 x Lift motor
2 x Lift motor ESC
2 x Lift motor propeller
2 x Tilting servo
1 x Air Speedometer
1 x CUAV V5+ flight controller with NEO V2 GPS moduel
4 x Wing servo
1 x YR16S Radio Controller
1 x Assembly and Flight Test Service

Long range HD video system: Videopass-H15(15KM range)Videopass-H30(30KM range)

What can the VTOL do?
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