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YANGDA FW320 VTOL drone video monitoring demo

Posted by YANGDA on 20th Nov 2020

VTOL drone is really useful for long-range surveillance & monitoring job. Check this video out, FW320 VTOL can do the job in both daytime and nighttime, minimum 2 hours endurance. … read more

LiDAR installation on YANGDA FW320 VTOL

Posted by YANGDA on 11th Nov 2020

The FW320 VTOL can carry out the mapping task under any of the following situations, and the pilot just needs to swap the battery pack to do the switch.1. Both A7R mapping and LiDAR will be used.2. On … read more

YANGDA VTOL training solution during pandemic period

Posted by YANGDA on 23rd Oct 2020

Before the pandemic, our clients would come here to accept 3-day free training, like this client ever did.Considering the current situation, we will provide online training.Anyway, we would like to as … read more