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How do you test your VTOL fixed-wing?

Posted by Yangda Security on 14th May 2019

Fixed-wing VTOL testing gradually becomes a headache these days, due to the strict restriction policy for flying drones here in Shenzhen China. Finally, we found a good place to conduct the test: one stone crusher plant, about half an hour by car from our office.

An ideal place, no power line and high building around, far from the airport of course. The main purpose was to test the VTOL stability and endurance this time.

Before taking off, parameters of autopilot need to be adjusted according to the environment. One guy controlled the fixed-wing through RC controller, while another guy operated the ground station. The VTOL drone shook too much for the first flight.

Finally, it took off stable and flew as per the programmed routine.

How do you test your VTOL fixed wing? We are open to your suggestion.