KUA Payload Drop System For Multirotors

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Product Overview


KUA payload drop system is mainly designed for multirotors to carry out long-range drop mission in remote locations which are hard to reach for the human being. It consists of 2 parts: one carbon fiber drop box, and Sky Eye-I 10X zoom camera which is used for searching target location to drop items.

Heavy payload supported
The drop box of KUA is able to hold max 10KG payload.

Long range
If KUA payload release system is mounted on long flight time multicopter, then it is able to carry out long range drop missions.
Compatible YANGDA frame: YD4-1000S, YD6-1000S, YD6-1600S.

One key to release
We use one 2-level gear to release the payload on the RC controller.

Quick to setup
You will only need 5 minutes to do the setup.


Weight: 1550 grams
External dimension: 312mm * 228mm * 212mm
Inner space: 270mm * 215mm * 195mm

Your Purchase Includes

Drop box of KUA payload drop system(10X zoom camera not included)



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