YANGDA Saver Drone Parachute System

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Product Overview


YANGDA Saver drone parachute system is specially designed to prevent multirotor and fixed-wing planes from crashing in the air when they have problems like low voltage, mechanical issue, flight controller chaos, etc. When Equipped with the latest technology, the Saver UAV parachute system can trigger the parachute ejection in just 0.1 seconds to save your drone.

Two methods to trigger the parachute ejection
Method one: the Saver UAV parachute system has a built-in sensor and electrical core to detect the drone attitude 100 times per second, can eject the parachute out in the shortest time once the drone is detected out of control.
Method two: trigger the ejection through the RC controller, and the propeller rotation will stop accordingly.

Advanced ejection technology
The first generation ejection technology is using mechanical spring, which can only support max 20KG level parachute. And the second ejection technology is using the compressed carbon dioxide, which can support max 30KG parachute. The Saver drone parachute system uses third-generation ejection technology: low-temperature propellants, which is triggered by the high-voltage voltaic arc. Its weight is less than 10g, but support max 100kg level parachute.

Ejection barrel can be reused
With new propellants, the ejection barrel can be reused without any limit. 

What is included

1 x YANGDA Saver Drone Paracute System
3 x Propellants

Product Details


  Saver-10 Saver-20 Saver-30 Saver-40 Saver-50 Saver-60
Dimension Φ105mm / H100 mm Φ105mm / H105 mm Φ105mm / H165 mm Φ105mm / H180 mm Φ105mm / H200 mm Φ130mm / H185 mm
Installation size 88mm*88mm*M3*4 112mm*112mm*M4*4 116mm*116mm*M4*4 116mm*116mm*M4*4 116mm*116mm*M4*4 145mm*145mm*M4*4
Connector 5PIN waterproof connector
Voltage 5V 5V 5V 5V 5V 5V
Payload ≤ 10KG ≤ 20KG ≤ 30KG ≤ 40KG ≤ 50KG ≤ 60KG
Parachute diameter 2m 3m 3.5m 4m 4.2m 4.5m
Battery 380mAh 380mAh 380mAh 380mAh 380mAh 650mAh
Endurance 8H 8H 8H 8H 8H 12H
Trigger method Attitude / Zero gravity / PWM / Serial Port
Attitude detection range ±90° ±90° ±90° ±90° ±90° ±90°
Trigger angle ±80° ±80° ±80° ±80° ±80° ±80°
Weight 380g 550g 650g 780g 850g 950g
Zero gravity trigger 0.5g / 1.6s 0.5g / 1.6s 0.5g / 1.6s 0.5g / 1.6s 0.5g / 1.6s 0.5g / 1.6s
Data communication Two-way Two-way Two-way Two-way Two-way Two-way
Power on wake-up Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Power off time 10s 10s 10s 10s 10s 10s