Sky Eye-Duo Pro M600 Gimbal For DJI M600 Series Multirotors

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Sky Eye-Duo Pro M600
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Product Overview


Sky Eye-Duo Pro M600 is developed based on Sky Eye-Duo Pro gimbal for DJI M600 series multi-rotors. With this gimbal, FLIR Duo Pro R thermal camera can be mounted onto your drone very easily.

Sky Eye-Duo Pro M600 gimbal weighs as little as 390g to help you meet your payload weight allowance.

Plug and play
The FLIR Duo Pro R gimbal comes with DJI Skyport, so that it can be mounted onto M600 series drones just like like other DJI gimbals, like X4S, X5S, etc.

Easy operation
Equipped with M600 channel expansion kit, you can control the gimbal through Lightbridge 2 radio controller.


  • 390grams, light-weight
  • PWM control and serial command control
  • Picture in Picture function
  • Convenient wiring hub for RC receiver and video output
  • 3-axis high stabilized gimbal system based on FOC technology
  • One key back to home position


Gimbal system

Rotate range

Pitch: ±90° Roll: ±85° Yaw: ±150°

Angle amount of jitter

Pitch and roll: ±0.02° Yaw: ±0.03°

Control interface

PWM and serial command

Working Current

Static current: 330mA(@12V)
Dynamic current: 450mA(@12V)


Your Purchase Includes

1 x Sky Eye-Duo Pro M600 3-Axis Gimbal

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