YANGDA Gimbal Quick Release Mechanism

Quick Release
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Product Overview


YANGDA gimbal quick-release mechanism includes two parts: the quick release adapter and the newly upgraded control box. The mechanism adopts similar technology like DJI Skyport, that not only the adapter can supply power for the gimbal and camera, but also will lead the video and data to the new control box so that you can get full control of the gimbal and camera.

Fully compatible
The quick-release mechanism is fully compatible with all YANGDA gimbals, which means you will only need one adapter for all gimbals.

Support hot-swap
The mechanism supports hot-swap, which will enable you to change the gimbal without powering it off.

Versatile connectivity
The upgraded control box provides popular interfaces for flexible integration: HDMI, HD-SDI, Ethernet, Analog, PWM, Serial command, and S.bus.

Gimbal Range

Video Output Type Yaw Pitch Roll (for 3-axis gimbal)
Ethernet Video Output Only Unlimited ±90° ±45°
HDMI And Ethernet Video Output -270°~+270° ±90° ±45°
HD-SDI And Ethernet Video Output Unlimited ±90° ±45°


Adapter board size