YANGDA Shadow AAT Auto Antenna Tracker Gimbal For Drones

5.00 KGS
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Product Overview


YANGDA Shadow antenna tracking system is designed to extend the transmission range of your digital video & data link by pointing the ground high-gain antenna to the flying drones automatically. Its core capability is to allow your high-gain antenna to get the best transceiving angle continuously to improve the transmission range since all the high-gain antennas come with very limited useful data transceiving angle.

360-degree ration
The Shadow AAT gimbal features 360-degree rotation to ensure the antenna always points to the drone to get the ultra-long-range communication range.

Mavlink protocol supported
Shadow AAT antenna tracker is compatible with flight controllers, which support Mavlink protocol like Pixhawk Cube and CUAV V5+.

Supported high-gain antenna
These directional high-gain antennas are compatible with Shadow AAT gimbal: Yagi antenna and panel antenna. 

What is included

1 x Shadow AAT Auto Antenna Tracker (tripod not included)
1 x Panel Antenna
1 x Power Cable
2 x Data Cable

Product Details


Mechanical feature
Gimbal weight 2.6kg
Max Yaw / Pitch torque 300 N.m
Power 12V-15V DC
Working temperature -20° ~ +60°
IP rating 65
Power consumption Less than 15W
Tracking capability  
Max Yaw rotation speed 300° / S
Max Pitch rotation speed 60° / S
Yaw rotation range Unlimited / 450°, optional
Pitch rotation range -15° ~ +135°
Yaw tracking accuracy Less than 0.5°
Pitch tracking accuracy Less than 0.1°


Panel Antenna

Electronical feature
Frequency range 1427-1447MHz
Gain 16±1 dBi
VSWR ≤2.0
Polarization ±45°
Horizontal Beamwidth  20±5°
Vertical Beamwidth 20±5°
Front to back ratio ≥25dB
Imput impedance 50Ω
Max input power 100W
Mechanical feature
Antenna weight 2.5kg
Working temperature -40~+55°
Dimension 39*39*50CM
Package size 68*33*42CM