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YANGDA ROCK Ground Station For Industrial Drones

YANGDA ROCK Ground Station For Industrial Drones

40.00 KGS


YANGDA ROCK is a rugged and powerful ground station for industrial-grade drones. It features a professional layout and can realize functions like radio control, data transmission, and video transmission (optional), etc., which can be controlled separately.

15.6-inch bright daylight monitor
Not only can you get live video streaming from the high-brightness monitor, but it also can set the contrast, brightness, and other functions through the buttons of the ROCK ground station.

10-inch touch screen
The ROCK ground station comes with a 10-inch touch screen where you can configure waypoints and flight routes. Furthermore, the touch screen is easy to use and sensitive due to the build-in i5 computer processer.

Computer customizable
The internal computer of ROCK GCS accepts customization. For example, the CPU has Intel i3/i5/i7 options, the memory has 4G/8G options, and SSD has 60G/120G/240G/480G options.

High-temperature resistance
ROCK industrial drone GCS is adopting anti-high temperature materials, making it capable of standing max 60℃ temperature.

4 hours long endurance
The professional drone ground station has a built-in 6S 15000mAh Lithium battery for 4 hours endurance. Furthermore, you can get the power for the ground station through one charger to have unlimited operation time.



Processor Intel i5 / 1.6G frequency
Memory 8G
SSD 120G
Display 15.6 inch monitor /10 inch touch screen
Endurance 4 hours
Case feature Rugged plastic case, carry handle, pressure purge valve
Battery type Lipo Battery
Battery capacity 6S 15000mAh
DC power output 12V
Weight 8.97kg
Dimension 460 x 350 x 180mm
Operating temperature -20°C to +60°C


Your Purchase Includes

1 x YANGDA ROCK Ground Station
1 x Joystick

Long range video & data & RC link: Videopass-H15(15KM range)Videopass-H30(30KM range)

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