YANGDA ROCK-II Ground Control Station For Industrial Drones

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20.00 KGS

Product Overview

YANGDA ROCK-II stands as a robust and unwavering ground control station crafted for industrial-grade drones. When venturing into flight missions in rugged, wild terrains, ROCK-II emerges as the quintessential UAV GCS that offers unparalleled reliability.




Dual screens
ROCK-II has two 17.3-inch screens with a remarkable 1000-nit brightness.
The left screen will be mainly used to display UAV flight data, and the right screen will be for live video streaming from a drone camera.


Parallel layout
A parallel layout that generously accommodates two operators standing side by side without any interference.



IP67 rating
ROCK-II drone ground station box is constructed with military-grade PVC composite materials, enabling it to have an IP67 protection level,
which ensures seamless operation in humid or dusty environments.


High-temperature resistance
ROCK-II industrial drone GCS is adopting anti-high temperature materials, making it capable of standing max 60℃ temperature.


Industrial grade keyboard and joystick
The drone ground control station is using industrial explosion-proof keyboard and hall joysticks, giving you peace-of-mind performance.


4 hours long endurance
The built-in battery supports 4-hour endurance. Furthermore, you can get the power for the ground station through one charger to have unlimited operation time.



Ground station box
Box type Military-grade protection box
Size 968mm x 406mm x 155mm
Overall weight 20KG
Box material PVC composites
Working temperature -10°C ~ 60°C
Protection class IP67
Color Army green
Computer specification
Processor I7-6700T
Operating system Windows 10
Memory 8G
Hard disk 256G SSD
Graphics Intel HD Graphics 530
Network card 1000M
Dual screens
Size 17.3 Inch
Resolution 1920*1080
Screen ratio 16:9
Back-light type LED
Max brightness 1000 nit (Automatic sensing adjustment)
Input interface HDMI (For extention purpose)
Operation panel
Panel material 3K carbon fiber sheet
Interface USB*3, DC IN, HDMI, RJ45, RS232
Feeders and interfaces Support N and SMA interface
Interactive Industrial mouse key set, joystick, button, lever
Switch parameters Total power supply, power button, link power supply
Other equipment Industrial cooling fans
Battery and power
Power type Built-in battery and external power supply
Display content Voltage & current, left capacity, power consuption
Management system protection Overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection, low voltage protection
Overcapacity protection, overpower protection
Battery protection Overcurrent protection, overtemperature protection
Overvoltage protection, low voltage protection
Battery endurance 4 hours