YANGDA Saver-40VT Parachute System For VTOL Drone

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Product Overview

YANGDA Saver VT series drone parachute system is specially designed to prevent fixed-wing UAVs from crashing in the air when they have problems like low voltage, mechanical issue, flight controller chaos, etc. When Equipped with the latest technology, the Saver UAV parachute system can trigger the parachute ejection in just 0.1 seconds to save your drone.

Aerodynamic design
The streamlined aerodynamic layout of the VTOL parachute can greatly reduce air resistance, without affecting the stability of the aircraft.


Auto attitude detection
the Saver VT series UAV parachute system has a built-in attitude sensor and electrical core to detect the drone attitude 100 times per second. In this case, the parachute ejection can be triggered in a short time once the drone is detected out of control.


The drone parachute comes with spare propellants and top carbon fiber boards, so basically it can be reused without any limit.


The VTOL drone parachute can be removed when it is not necessary.

What is included

1 x YANGDA Saver-40VT Drone Parachute System
3 x Propellant
3 x Top carbon fiber board



 Saver-40VT Parachute User Manual

Weight 1080g
Voltage 4.5-5.5V
Payload 40KG
Parachute diameter 4m
Battery 380mAh
Endurance 8H
Trigger method Attitude / Zero gravity / PWM / Serial
Attitude detection range ±90°
Trigger angle ±80°
Zero gravity trigger 0.5g / 1.6s
Data communication Two-way
Power on wake-up Yes
Power off time 30s