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YANGDA Sky Whale Mini VTOL Drone Airframe

YANGDA Sky Whale Mini VTOL Drone Airframe

Sky Whale Mini
3.50 KGS

YANGDA Sky Whale Mini airframe is a full electric VTOL UAV flight platform and designed for long-range security & surveillance, search & rescue, survey & mapping applications.  

Fast deploy
The fixed-wing UAV is adapting the most advanced quick-detach technology on both airframe and cable connector, making assembly and disassembly becomes super easy. In this case, the Sky Whale Mini VTOL plane can be set up in 3 minutes by a single man.

Working day and night
Sky Whale Mini can be easily identified in the air with onboard aviation lights, especially at night.

Cutting edge manufacturing process


MTOW 16.5kg
Weight w/o battery and payload 8.81kg
Wingspan 3,378mm
Length 1,520mm
Height 515mm
Max payload (battery included) 7.69kg
Battery weight (solid-state 6S 30000mAh) 5.14kg
Suggested max payload weight 2.55kg
Endurance 193minutes / 2kg
Cruise speed 75-90km/h
Max speed 120km/h
Stall speed 57.6km/h
Max ascends speed 14.4km/h
Max descends speed 18km/h
Anti-wind capability 43.2km/h
Operating Altitude (Max.) 3,500m ASL


Sky Whale Mini Airframe Includes

1 x Front fuselage
1 x Rear fuselage with left & right tail
1 x Left wing
1 x Right Wing
1 x Left middle wing with motor arm
1 x Right middle wing with motor arm
1 x Front & rear landing gear
1 x Cargo Bay
1 x Front cover
1 x Rear cover
1 x Quick-release plug and pin package
2 x Aviation box

Size And Packing Dimension