YANGDA Sky Eye-30HZ-SM 30X Optical Drone Zoom Camera With Tracking And Target GPS Coordinate

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Sky Eye-30HZ-SM
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Product Overview


Sky Eye-30HZ-SM is a 3-axis high stabilized gimbal with Full HD 1080P 30X optical zoom camera and a set of laser rangefinder, which could be wildly used for surveillance, search and rescue applications. Its core capability is able to get the target GPS coordinate and measure the distance between the gimbal and the target. Together with the gimbal control software that comes with gimbal, the 30X drone zoom camera will enable the ground rescue team to locate the target as soon as possible.

Compact and lightweight
Sky Eye-30HZ-SM weighs as little as 587g to help you meet your payload weight allowance.

High-quality sensors
The drone gimbal adopts SONY FCB-EV7520 30X optical zoom camera, which provides 1080P 60FPS full HD video streaming and up to 360X zoom capability, which will enable you to see every detail you need in the air even you are far away from the object.
Also, the max range of the laser rangefinder can reach up to 1500 meters.

Gimbal quick-release mechanism
The 30X zoom camera comes with a quick-release mechanism, provides Ethernet video streaming output, and 360-degree unlimited rotation.

Auto object tracking
With the on-board object tracking module, Sky Eye-30HZ-SM can track static or moving targets smoothly, keeping it in the center of the frame.

2 modes for video out and video recorded
Mode 1: 1080P/30fps video out, and 720P/30fps video recorded.
Mode 2: 720P/30fps video out, and 1080P/30fps video recorded.


30X zoom camera(SONY FCB-EV7520)
Sensor 1/2.8 inch 2.13MP CMOS SENSOR
Video Output 720P/1080P 30FPS Ethernet
Video recorded 720P/1080P 30FPS MP4
Focal length 30X optical focal zoom, 4.3-129mm
Digital zoom 12X (360X with optical zoom)
Wide Dynamic Up to 105dB
Auto focus Less than 1S
Low illumination 0.05lux@F1.6
Aperture Φ 16.0
Laser rangefinder
Range 5~1500 meters
Accuracy 0.5m
Light Beam 905nm pulse laser
Divergent Angle 3 mrad
Laser pulse frequency 1HZ
Power 1 mW (safe for eye)
Location Resolving Latitude and longitude of target
Gimbal system
Input voltage 3S-4S
Rotate range Pitch: ±90° Roll: ±45° Yaw: unlimited
Angle amount of jitter Pitch and roll: ±0.02° Yaw: ±0.03°
Control interface PWM, S.bus, serial command, and Software control
Working Current Static current: 330mA(@12V)
Dynamic current: 450mA(@12V)
Mechanical feature
Total weight (gimbal and camera) 587g
Working temperature -25° ~ +60°


Download Sky Eye-30HZ-SM Datasheet

Your Purchase Includes

1 x Sky Eye-30HZ-SM 30X optical zoom camera with a set of laser rangefinder
1 x Sky Eye-30HZ-SM 3-axis high stabilized gimbal system with quick release mechanism

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