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YANGDA Sky Whale Max Hybrid Heavy Lift  Long Endurance VTOL Drone

YANGDA Sky Whale Max Hybrid Heavy Lift Long Endurance VTOL Drone

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Sky Whale Max Hybrid
25.00 KGS

YANGDA Sky Whale Max hybrid (battery and petrol) fixed-wing VTOL drone is specially designed for missions that conventional electric VTOL drones can't do: 15kg heavy payload delivery and 10 hours of ultra-long endurance aviation. Given its stable structure and high reliability, it is an excellent UAV platform for emergency cargo delivery, long-distance coast patrol, oil pipeline inspection, border monitoring, etc.

10 hours ultra-long endurance
Sky Whale Max gasoline hybrid VTOL can fly for 10 hours with a 2kg payload.

15kg payload
With the streamlined aerodynamic structure design, 50kg max take-off weight (MTOW), large wing area, and small wing loading,
the hybrid VTOL drone can carry a 15kg payload for 4 hours.

Separate camera bin
Sky Whale Max hybrid UAV comes with a separate bin for gimbal camera installation, allowing it to search for targets through an onboard camera when carrying a heavy payload.

Stable and mighty power
The 116cc EFI hybrid engine has two cylinders with independent ignition and independent fuel feeding. Also, it has an onboard auto starter and alternator, enabling it to output continuous and stable power for the VTOL.


Due to its anti-water design on the fuselage, the Sky Whale Max gas VTOL drone is weatherproof and can reach an IP55 rating. In this case, the waterproof VTOL aircraft can carry out urgent missions on rainy days, like search and rescue.  

Fast deploy
The fixed-wing UAV is adapting the most advanced quick-detach technology on both airframe and cable connector, making assembly and disassembly becomes super easy.


No piloting skills needed
The LAUNCH ground control software that Sky Whale Max hybrid VTOL drone uses is developed for beginners, so a pilot without any flight experience can fly the drone well. Click HERE to learn more. 

Working day and night
Sky Whale Max can be easily identified in the air with onboard aviation lights, especially at night.

Built-in TOF landing assistance
The landing is gentle and safe with one 8m range radar detection device.

Compass calibration-free (differential GPS)
The pilot does not need to do compass calibration on the Sky Whale Max VTOL UAV, saving lots of time in emergency tasks. Furthermore, the fixed-wing VTOL won't get affected by surrounding electromagnetic interference (EMI) anymore since the compass is replaced by DGPS, significantly improving the VTOL flight stability in the air.

Remote landing and delivery (optional)
One-key to take off, no need for a skilled operator. Multiple landing points, suitable for cargo delivery application.

Follow Me feature (optional)
Sometimes the flight platform, like a boat or a vehicle, has to move around after the drone takes off to carry out a mission. Then, in this case, the drone should have the ability to follow the moving flight platform and land when the task is over. This feature is available on YANGDA VTOL drones now, please click HERE to watch the demo video.

Size and packing dimension


What is included

1 x YANGDA Sky Whale Max VTOL fixed-wing airframe
4 x Lift motor
4 x ESC for lift motr
2 x 29 inch CF Propeller CW&CCW
1 x ESC for fixed-wing motor
1 x Fixed-wing motor
1 x 26 inch CF Propeller CW for fixed-wing motor
4 x Servo
1 x CAN air Speedometer
1 x Power Module For Flight Controller
1 x CUAV X7 Pro flight controller with differential GPS
1 x TOF
1 x Futaba T6K V3S radio controller
1 x DLA116 EFI engine
1 x 15L fuel tank
4 x 14S 10000mAh HV Lipo battery
1 x 6S 30000mAh Li-ion battery
1 x Assembly and Flight Test Service
2 x Aviation box
1 x LAUNCH ground control software

Items compatible (not included)
Flight controller: Pixhawk Cube Orange Standard Set With Here 3 GNSSAheadX Taurus 2AheadX LEO 2
Long range HD video & data link: Videopass-N15(15KM range)Videopass-N30(30KM range), Videopass-N60(50-60KM range), Videopass-N150(120-150KM range)
Ground control station: ROCK GCS

MTOW 50kg
Wingspan 4,800mm
Length 2,580mm
Height 850mm
Suggested max payload weight 15kg (battery not included)
Battery 2 x14S 10000mAh HV lipo battery, 3.12kg each battery.
Endurance 4 hours (15kg payload) / 10 hours (2kg payload)
Hybrid engine DLA116 116cc EFI. Auto-starter & alternator, 2 in 1
Fuel type 92#, 93# petrol
Fuel tank 15L
Fuel consumption rate 1.3L/h 
Cruise speed 85-100km/h
Max speed 130km/h
Max ascend speed 14.4km/h
Max descend speed 18km/h
Anti-wind capability 43.2km/h
Material Carbon fiber, glass fiber, and Kevlar
Working temperature -10~60
Operating Altitude(Max.) 4200m ASL