YANGDA YD6-1600L Gas Electric Hybrid Hexacopter

YD6-1600L hybrid
42.00 KGS
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Product Overview


Have you ever encountered these problems on battery-powered multi-rotors: it is very hard to get a 45 minutes flight time with 5KG payload at an altitude of 4500 meters, due to the thin air up there. Or it is almost impossible for the multicopter to fly for 1 hour in the cold winter at a minus 10-degree temperature because the battery voltage will drop dramatically in this case. YANGDA YD6-1600L gas-electric hybrid drone is designed to overcome these drone flight time limits. It is using one powerful gas-driven electricity generator which will give you continuous and stable power supply despite the high/low temperature or high altitude, will enable you to carry out long-range inspection, survey, aerial photography, search, rescue, and public safety applications.

Max. 2 hours endurance
The YD6-1600L fuel-electric drone can fly for 2 hours carrying a 5kg payload.


Max. 6.5KG payload capability
YD6-1600L gasoline-electric hybrid drone supports max. 6.5kg payload.


Stable power output
The hybrid hexacopter drone is adapting a solid engine that can provide continuous 4.2kW power output.


Advanced cooling system
The hybrid engine comes with advanced cooling liquid-based cooling system, enabling the machine to get stable performance.


Max. 9-liter gasoline
The fuel tank of the hybrid hexacopter supports max. 9-liter gasoline.


Easy for transportation, quick to set up
Pluggable arms of YD6-1600L frame makes the drone is easy for transportation. The drone set up can be done in 5 minutes by a single man.


Backup battery
YD6-1600L hybrid drone provides 2 units 6S lipo batteries for 90 seconds emergency landing, just in case the gasoline-electric engine fails during the flight.


No piloting skills needed
The LAUNCH ground control software that YD6-1600L hybrid drone uses is developed for beginners, so a pilot without any flight experience can fly the drone well. Click HERE to learn more.

What is included

1 x YD6-1600L carbon fiber quadcopter frame
6 x T-Motor motor
6 x T-Motor ESC
3 x T-Motor 28*9.2 inch propeller CW&CCW
1 x Pixhawk Cube Orange Standard Set With Here 3 GNSS
1 x YR16S 16 Channel Radio Controller
1 x 4.2kW Generator
1 x 9L Fuel Tank
2 x 6S 8000mAh lipo batteries
1 x Generator accessory(starter, fuel level indicator, cable/wire etc)
1 x Assemble and test service
1 x LAUNCH ground control software

Items compatible (not included) 

Flight controller: CUAV V5+CUAV X7 and X7 ProAheadX Taurus 2AheadX LEO 2
Long range HD video & data link: Videopass-N15(15KM range)Videopass-N30(30KM range) 
Delivery box: KUA Drop System

Wheelbase 1600mm Cruise speed 8m/s
Wingspan 2350mm Recommended altitude 1000m ASL
 Endurance 2 hours / 5kg Generator weight 9.2kg(without back-up battery)
Working temperature -20°C ~ 40°C Voltage of generator 12S
No payload weight 26.6kg(with 9L fuel) Generator output Continuous: 4.2kW
Max take-off Weight 33.4kg Fuel consumption rate Hovering: 5.0L/h
Max payload 6.5kg Fuel tank 9L