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Delivery & Transport

Delivery & Transport

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Delivery & Transport
42.00 KGS

The drone is now widely used in the delivery and transport applications, like medical products delivery for the remote location, relief supplies for the disaster-stricken area, goods at last-mile logistics, or parcel transport, etc.

What do we have?

YANGDA has three UAVs for the delivery and transport application: YD6-1600M RTF hexacopter, YD6-1600L hybrid hexacopter, and FW-320 VTOL drone.

1. YD6-1600M heavy-lift delivery drone


The heavy-lift hexacopter is very suitable for heavy package transportation due to its long flight time and affordability.

  • 55 minutes endurance with 5KG payload and the max radius is 18KM.
  • 30 minutes endurance with 10KG payload and the max radius is 9KM.

2. YD6-1600L hybrid transport drone


The benefit of using the hybrid hexacopter as delivery UAV is that it can maintain long flight time in both hot and cold environments, which is a big challenge to battery-driven drones.

  • 1.4 hours endurance with 7.8KG payload and the max radius is 28KM.
  • 1.25 hours endurance with 10KG payload and the max radius is 25KM.

When it comes to the package release, we usually have to face one challenging issue: find a spot for the transport UAV to land.
If we can find the spot, then the package release will become relatively easy: KUA delivery box, and an accurate landing system (optional).
Please check this video to learn more.

Anyway, suppose it is hard to find a landing spot for the transport UAV. In that case, our solution will be like this: once programmed on the ground, the delivery drone will fly to the destination point and hover there at the height of 5 meters, and then the package will be released to the ground gradually. After that, the drone will fly back to the take-off position. The whole process will be conducted in autonomy. Please check the following video to know more.

3. FW-320 VTOL drone


Due to its long-endurance feature, FW-320 VTOL is excellent for long-range package delivery: minimum 90KM range with 5KG payload.


When equipped with the advanced accurate landing system, the delivery VTOL will accurately land on the target spot, release the package, and then fly back to the home position. The whole flight plan is pre-programmed and will be completed in autonomy.

Or the VTOL can do it like this: it lands on the target spot, and an operator there will take the package out from the delivery box. After that, the operator just needs to press a button on the VTOL, then the VTOL will fly back to take-off position automatically.