Sky Speaker-I Megaphone For Drones

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Sky Speaker-I
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Product Overview


Sky Speaker-I is a megaphone designed for SUAS, can be installed on multirotor and fixed wing platforms.Based on digital wireless transmission technology, it can play recorded sound sources and do real-time broadcasting. In this case, it will be very helpful in missions like rescue, search, fire fighting, police negotiation etc.

Compact and lightweight
The speaker weighs as little as 500 grams to help you meet your payload weight allowance

Strong anti-interference capability
Compared with normal analog signal transmission based megaphone, Sky Speaker-I uses advanced digital voice coding technology, which enable the speaker to avoid analog sound interference in the air.

2 working modes
Sky Speaker-I has 2 working modes: play SD card recorded sound and real-time broadcasting. You are able to switch the modes easily on handheld intercom.

No affect on drone
Sky Speaker-I is using internal magnetic speaker, so it does not affect drone geomagnetic field.

1KM and 10KM
Speaker cover range is 1KM while intercom transmission range is 10KM.

One to multiple, and multiple to one
One intercom can speak to max four speakers for different content broadcasting.
One intercom can speak to as many speakers as you need simultaneously for the same content broadcasting.
Multiple intercoms can speak to one speaker simultaneously.

Accept sound customization
You are able to load any sound source to the speaker, no time / size limit, accepted format is MP3 and WAV.
Please notice: send us sound source before shipping. Check HERE to find more details about changing original sound if you already have one speaker.


1) Lightweight design, only 500grams for speaker
2) All-in-one structure and small size,easy for installation and low air resistance
3) Based on digital voice coding technology, can get super clear voice and prevent disturbing from analog voice sources
4) 2 work modes: recorded sound play and real-time broadcasting. Easy switch
5) Support sound customization
6) Internal magnetic speaker, do not affect drone geomagnetic field
7) Anti-squeal design
8) Super clear and high strength sound,great penetrability


Weight 500 grams
Sound strength 125db (1m distance)
80db (100m distance)
Sound cover range 1KM
Anti-squeal distance Over 20m
Voltage 9-28V
Current 100mA
Frequency range 410-470MHZ
Power connector XT60(optional)
4FSK digital modulation Data:12.5KHZ
Sound distortion percentage Less than 3%
Signal receive sensitivity -117 dBm
Max signal receive range 10km
Amplifier power 100W / 6Ω
Handheld wireless intercom
Frequency range 410-470MHZ
Channel number 4CH
Recorded sound number  9
Battery 2200mAH
Charge method Via USB
Current 1500mA
Power 2W(33dbm)
Max transmission range 10KM
Digital coding type AMBE
Digital protocol ETSI-TS102 361-1,-2,-3


Download Sky Speaker-I Datasheet


Your Purchase Includes

1 x Sky Speaker-I speaker

1 x Sky Speaker-I handheld wireless intercom