YANGDA Mapird Plus Long Endurance VTOL Drone For Mapping And Surveillance

Mapird Plus
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Product Overview

YANGDA Mapird Plus is an affordable and reliable VTOL(vertical take-off and landing) fixed-wing plane for mapping, aerial survey, and surveillance applications. It comes with four lift motors and one fixed-wing motor, which will allow the VTOL drone to ascend like a helicopter. For the mapping or security mission, the fixed-wing motor will make the drone fly like a plane.

Mapird Plus VS Mapird Pro
Mapird Plus is a bigger version of Mapird Pro, with a longer wingspan & endurance and bigger payload-lift capability.

Fast deploy
Due to its modular airframe and foldable motor arm design, a single man can set up Mapird Plus mapping VTOL in less than 3 minutes.

Long Endurance
The Mapird Plus survey drone can fly up to 134 minutes with 2 units 6S 22000mAh lipo batteries carrying one 600g payload.

Big inner space for payload
The mapping UAV has a big internal space to accommodate various mapping cameras like SONY RX1R-II/A7R/A6000/A5100 camera and oblique camera.

Versatile airborne platform
Thanks to its excellent stability and powerful payload-lift capability, Mapird Plus VTOL can carry both mapping cameras and surveillance gimbal cameras to carry out mapping, search, rescue, and surveillance applications.


No piloting skills needed
The LAUNCH ground control software that Mapird Plus VTOL drone uses is designed for beginners, so a pilot without any flight experience can fly the drone well. Click HERE to learn more.

What is included

1 x YANGDA Mapird Plus airframe (with landing gear)
4 x Lift motor
4 x Lift motor ESC
4 x Lift motor propeller
1 x Fixed-wing motor
1 x Fixed-wing motor ESC
1 x Fixed-wing propeller
4 x Wing servo
1 x CAN air Speedometer
1 x Pixhawk Cube Orange Standard Set With Here 3 GNSS
1 x WFLY ET10 radio controller
1 x Assembly and Flight Test Service
1 x Aviation transportation box
1 x YANGDA LAUNCH ground control software

Items compatible (not included) 
Flight controller: CUAV V5+CUAV X7 and X7 Pro, AheadX Taurus 2, AheadX LEO 2
Long range HD video & data link: D02 30KM TelemetryVideopass-N15(15KM range)Videopass-N30(30KM range) 


MTOW 11.5kg
Weight without battery and payload 5kg
Wingspan 2,430 mm
Length 1,450 mm
Max payload (battery included) 6.5kg
Battery weight (Tattu 6S 22000mAh) 4.72kg
Suggested max payload weight 1,500g
Endurance 134 minutes / 155KM (600g payload / 2 x Tattu 6S 22000mAh lipo)
Suggested cruise speed 68.4-72km/h
Max speed 120km/h
Stall speed 36km/h
Anti-wind capability 38km/h
Operating Altitude(Max.) 3500m ASL
Material EPO, Aluminum-plastic Film, PVC
Take-off / Landing VTOL
Working Voltage 12S
Working Temperature -10℃-40℃
Package size 125 * 34 * 49 cm