Security & Defense

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Security & Defense
42.00 KGS

Product Overview

Due to its fast-response and quick-deploy capability, the drone is playing a more and more critical role in a variety of real-time monitoring and surveillance tasks such as border surveillance, military & defense, oil & gas pipeline reconnaissance, forest fire detection & monitoring, wildlife inspection, maritime & offshore surveillance, disaster surveys, etc.

What do we have?

YANGDA is offering a one-stop surveillance UAV solution with these features.

  • Completely autonomous missions and points of interest control on a laptop or through the ground station
  • Long-range digital video & data transmission
  • Real-time HD 1080p video streaming from a high-stabilized gimbal system
  • Easy gimbal control by a mouse or radio controller
  • Object tracking feature (optional)
  • Geo-referencing feature (optional)
  • Target GPS coordinate feature (optional)



Short Range Missoins


For short-range like less than 20KM, multicopters would be an excellent option to do the job. 

1. YD4-1000S RTF quadcopter, YD6-1000S RTF hexacopter.
2. Camera options: daylight optical zoom cameras (for daytime missions), and daylight zoom cameras with thermal cameras (for daytime and nighttime missions).
3. Videopass-N15 15KM video & data link, or Videopass-N30 30KM video & data link.
4. Shadow AAT auto antenna tracker (optional).
5. Rock ground control station (optional).

Video demonstration


Long Rang Misisons


Anyway, if you are looking for a security & surveillance UAV for range over 20KM, then the long-endurance VTOL solution would be a perfect fit.

1. Sky FuryFW-320, Or Sky Whale VTOL.
2. 3-axis 30x zoom camera / 2-axis 30x zoom camera (for daytime missions), 3-axis 30x EO/IR camera / 2-axis 30x EO/IR camera (for daytime and nighttime missions).
3. Videopass-N15 15KM video & data link, or Videopass-N30 30KM video & data link.
4. Shadow AAT auto antenna tracker (optional).
5. Rock ground control station (optional).

Video demonstration



What if the flight platform has to move around?

Sometimes the flight platform like a boat or a vechile has to move around after the drone takes off to carry out a mission, then in this case the drone should have the ability to follow the moving flight platfrom and land when the mission is over. Thanks to our talented engineers, YANGDA drone can that right now, please check the following demo video.